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  • 29% Drama
  • 14% Comedy
  • 12% Mystery
  • 10% Action
  • 8% Adventure
  • 8% Sci-Fi
  • 20% Others
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Favorite Series
their soundtrack is everything
Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 1
can't believe its back!!!
Awkward. Season 5 Episode 20
she needs to make up her mind.
New Girl Season 5 Episode 22
wow im crying way too much
Marvel's Agent Carter
Agent Carter is such a badass and lovable character. All the characters in this show are so interesting and unique. This show is clever, funny, and suspenseful. I definitely would recommend anyone with a good taste to watch this.
New Girl Season 5 Episode 3
vodlocker has audio problems too
Gossip Girl Season 1 Episode 17
aw I'm starting to hate Dan :(
Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 11
*SPOILER* okay... the doctor stayed in there for so long but why didnt he just use the shovel to break the mineral. I cringed every time he used his hand