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Favorite Series
Snowfall Season 2 Episode 7
nice episode!!! i knew kevin was gonna be franklin downfall. um why was his mother upset that franklin paid off the house? lmao
Suits Season 8 Episode 6
i enjoyed this episode. the show is written real well without its usual characters.
Queen of the South Season 3 Episode 10
good episode. its been rumored that james is with law enforcement.
Star Season 2 Episode 18
omg, is alex dead? who got shot? wow. great episode!
Empire Season 4 Episode 18
great episode. can't believe she's pregnant!!
Gotham Season 4 Episode 17
oohh my Lord, is that his plan? i do not believe we have seen the LAST of his twin brother! the doc n' the riddler? jaw droppin!
um WHY is season THREE not here?? i saw it BUT whats up with that?? it was GREAT, can't wait for the next episode!
The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 18
aaawww shawn hugz 'em i got teary eyed
Queen of the South
man just discovered this show its SUSPENSE!!
Beyond Season 2 Episode 7
omg! its getting good
Blindspot Season 3 Episode 8
ummm did kirk say he killed jane's daughter?? WOW...........
Blindspot Season 3 Episode 7
that was a good one.
wtf no eli stone?? but the practice is here?? no matlock?? BUT columbo is here? NO A TEAM but knight rider is here? smh :(
Boardwalk Empire
this show was so kicc azz went out on top just like the sopranos!! can watch over n' over n' still get excited!
The Sopranos
my #1 show for the next TEN LIFETIMEZ n' boardwalk empire!!!
The Following
this show was full of suspense!!
omg I CAN'T WAIT FOR SEASON 5 did you see the previews?? AWESOME!!
Empire Season 4 Episode 9
omg. i can't wait to see it tonite!! its gonna be jaw droppin!
Chicago P.D. Season 5 Episode 9
i didn't understand the ending sumone please explain to me what did that mean. like hank asked the guy for help and then showed up behind a building?? wut did/does that mean/meant?
Gotham Season 4 Episode 11
wow, did anyone hear the reaction of jim ex-wife hearing sofia had sex with jim? WHAT!? can't believe she killed her own father though-RUTHLESS...........
S.W.A.T. (2017) Season 1 Episode 5
Really liking this show.
Blindspot Season 3 Episode 5
i like jane better with short hair.
can't wait for the finale!!!! star i like you both together. its heating up
The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 8
I liked this episode! it was meaningful :)
How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 8
very emotional episode right there.
Chicago P.D. Season 5 Episode 4
my star rating is for him saying go ahead, he might have other weapons on 'em. i got yo bacc. go ahead. stand down. that was funny. decent episode. GREAT LINE THOUGH.
Chicago P.D. Season 5 Episode 3
this was a episode. to keep himself emotionally while speaking to his daughter-couldn't have been easy.
The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 2
he's losing his innocence slowly.....BUT learning about how the real world really works.
Power Season 4 Episode 4
this one was AWESOME SAUCE! like true suspense. i honestly believe that rek is going to kill kane. it can't be tommy kuz he'd have to kill dre. it's going to be dre OR rek. either way PLEASE let it happen. have new feelings toward tasha. she's a true blue. so so sad about proctor. HE'S ONE OF MY FAVES. i think jamie is gonna have his bacc. BUT @least he has angie bacc on his side. I DO NOT LIKE THAT BLAD BLACC LAWYER @ ALL. the ol'timer that is locced up with jamie is tommy dad i swear to God,
Power Season 4 Episode 1
man, started off real suspense. poor dre. man, they just overloocin him every which way. hopefully don't think he's workin with 50 kuz he's payin to keep him away from ghost son. BUT it could be viewed "differently". if he didn't have tasha he'd be up shit creek. can't wait for the next episode!
Prison Break Season 5 Episode 8
now that was an awesome episode! SUSPENSE FROM START TO FINISH :)
Empire Season 3 Episode 16
now this episode was smokin! from beginning to end. did u guyz see that walk at the start of this episode? SMOKIN :)
Prison Break Season 5 Episode 6
its getting closer to the just a few more showings. CAN'T WAIT!!
Empire Season 3 Episode 13
good episode, what is L goin to do when he finds out what his son andre has been "attempting" behind his bacc!
Empire Season 3 Episode 13
wow, what is L going to do when he find out what his son andre been "attempting" behind his bacc. good episode :)
Prison Break Season 5 Episode 2
this michael is always thinking. good episode. can't wait till next one airs :)
Empire Season 3 Episode 12
why doesn't anyone go ahead and LET HIS MOMA SHOT THAT BI@#$CH! lol. i have the same feelinz toward holly on power. something ain't rite about her....didn't really care for this episode.
great first episode. can't believe anika got pushed to the side like that :( startin to sympathize 4her. can't wait for the next episode.
Prison Break Season 5 Episode 1
was not disappointing. TEABAG got his hand bacc lol. loocz like its going to be action pacced. can't wait to see whats to come. :) and how mahone & kellermanties bacc in!!
Power Season 3 Episode 6
so sad, angie and him both cryin like that. i cried. AND dean omg that was a HUGE twist did't see that comin @all. but tommy i believe is JEALOUS of angie n' jamie love. CAN YOU BELIEVE that tashia signed the papers? AND omg,how did she pretend to be jamie like that? THATZ CRAZY. why tommy went bacc to holly grave site?? idk.GREAT EPISODE and AWESOMEsex scene :)
Power Season 3 Episode 1
i can't get enough of this show! i can't wait for tommy to kill holly. I SWEAR i know that is what's going to happen. does anyone know when they are going to make angie PREGNANT? when is greg going to fall off the face of the fuccin earth? that agent is protectin angie. it is going to be an exciting season.