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Favorite Series

Marvel's Jessica Jones
I'm not rating this TV-MA crap of a show. I am SICK of her using GOD's NAME in that profain word. I mean Marvel, what were you thinking with this GARBAGE. Can't you make a clean-language show like The Flash, Arrow, Agent's of S.H.I.E.L.D., Gotham, DC's legends of tomorrow, and so on, but nooooo, i have to hear this DAMN woman DEFILE GOD's NAME IN EVERY, SINGLE, EPISODE (And other's...but mostly her). The guy that plays Luke Cage in this show, IS HERO MATERIAL, so WHY did you people put him in th
Marvel's Agent Carter
What the hell is this LAME SHIT! I'd rather watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. than this crap. I'm out.
THIS SHOW IS AMAZING! great work DC! here are some pros: 1. Supergirl is an amazing HOT blonde 2. She fly's JUST AS FAST as her cousin Kal-el! 3. And she works with her human sister at the DEO! My mind is BLOWN AWAY DC! I believe that she is the key to helping The Flash stop Zoom! Keep it up DC! Keep it up! WHAT NOW MARVEL! WHAT NOW!...oh i can't hear you over DC's AWESOMENESS!
Vixen is sexy and amazing. I think Vixen is the key to helping Team Flash (Or Barry) stop Zoom! Amazing episode DC!
The Flash
How the hell does Jay have TWO freaking dopple-gangers? I'm still exited about this season. Keep up the suprisses DC!
The Flash
Episode 14: Nooooooo! earth 2's Jay Garret is dead now! earth 2 has no flash to protect them. Man i hate you Zoom! and love you at the same time!