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Hey! i'm Luw, a musician and a nerdie. I love comics, mangá, anime... I play bass and sing at Cranky Geeks! I love what I do! x Art is the expression of the soul in the simplest way! hehe Metalhead since 1996. MCR is love, MCR is life. killjoys <3

Favorite Series
I don't want this show to end.... This is perfect!!!! I love all things they're showing all the stuff that the movie didn't show us!!!
I love Fringe ever since I remembered! It's wonderful the concept behind this story, the mysteries involved in every episode... Simply Love it!
I watch this serie since I was little and I absolutely love it!!! Zachary Levi is one of my favourite acotrs and this role was made for him actually! I never get tired to see this over and over again! ^^
Family Guy
family guy rocks!
Game of Thrones
Best books and best show! It is so heart breaking but so addictive! God bless George RR Martin!
The Big Bang Theory
I love this so much!!!
My favourite serie all time!!! <3
American Horror Story
This serie is so great.... So original so perfect! the soundtrack is also perfect! xo