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Favorite Series
Scream Queens
love this show but season 2 is exactly the same as season one, a baby grows up and comes back for revenge, there are three killers and one of the killers ends up dying?
Family Guy
brilliant show, absolutely hilarious, although I wouldn't watch if you take offence to a large number of issues in modern society. Been watching this for so long will never get sick of it ! love love love
The Big Bang Theory
This is one of my favourite sit-coms on TV at the moment, been watching it since the show aired in the USA (2007) and been completely obsessed with it ever since, cant believe how far its come, would defiantly recommend to anyone!
Gossip Girl
this is the ultimate binge watch for teenage girls, out of all the series ive ever watched (and ive watched a hell of a lot) this will always be my favourite show!!!!! ADORE ! recommend to any teenage girl or boy!
Geordie Shore
love this show, so funny! but if you don't enjoy watching typical teenage behaviour then I wouldn't watch. one of my favourite programmes on tv cant wait for s13 ep 8 to come out :)
Scream Queens
Absolutely adore this show, its so dumb and stupid but that's what makes it so funny!!! although so far I'm not too keen on season 2